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Piotr Pikiewicz
Associate Director
Research & Consultancy
CBRE Poland

The size of Poznań’s office market places it in the middle of the pack, and the total available office space is estimated to stand at over 450,000 square metres. Although local investors have a high share in the market, global players, such as Skanska, Echo Investment and Vasint, are also present. The biggest office complexes are located in the vicinity of the main railroad station and the Old Town. Despite a high vacancy rate (over 10%), Poznań is one of Poland’s most rapidly growing regional markets and the total office space is predicted to grow by 22% in the next 3 years.

Despite the relatively high vacancy rate and supply, modern office space rents remain relatively high at 15,00 EUR per square metre per month and are comparable to those in Kraków and Wrocław. The high rent is mainly a result of the high quality of offices (as confirmed by our respondents) and Poznań’s qualified workforce.

Sebastian Sala
Team Manager

Poznań is one of Poland’s most appealing cities, especially for companies that are planning to expand their operations. The entire Wielkopolska province, and Poznań in particular, have top-notch transport infrastructure and numerous flight connections. Poznań offers high quality office space, which is also competitively priced when compared to other Polish cities. Respon-dents also spoke highly of Poznań’s living standard. The city earned high marks for the quality of the natural environment, as well as safety and shopping opportunities.

All of that draws in people from across Poland and even Germany. Furthermore, Wielkopolska has very low unem-ployment coupled with good educational potential, which ensures a steady supply of well-qual-ified candidates. The pro-active approach of the public authorities, involving the introduction of new communication and document transfer channels, is another of Poznań’s advantages.


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Almost 500 directors of companies were asked to share their investment plans.

The Business Environment Overview made with the use of the Antal Investment Index showed that:


Antal Investment Index Poznan's average score of all indices combined


of decision-makers consider Poznan as a possible destination for regional expansion


Poznan also appears as a perfect place to live not only for students but also for entrepreneurs


number of higher education institutions (Wielkopolska province)

The most popular destinations for regional expansion investments: