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Daniel Bienias
Managing Director

The inflow of new companies, both foreign and domestic, and their constant expansion are important factors that contribute to the growth of the economy. Investors create jobs, edu-cate workers, introduce the newest trends, foster urban, business and industrial development, increase economic and social competitiveness and attractiveness. Knowledge of corporate investment plans is important for assessing the state of the country’s economy and the busi-ness owner sentiment, especially in the face of political turmoil. This report paints a relatively positive image of the Polish business environment, with hopes of maintaining growth and shrugging off possible economic crises.

Daria Stefańska
Menedżer Antal SSC/BPO

Tri-City is becoming the destination of choice for many investors. The city draws in new investors who have not done business in Poland before as well as companies that are already present in the country and want to open a secondary headquarters or a new branch in the region. The proactive approach of public administration bodies, good transport infrastructure and a positive overall image of the region, both in the country and beyond its borders, have contributed to Tri-City becoming a prime destination for SSC/BPO and IT companies, as well as the recovering shipbuilding industry. Investors are drawn by the well-educated local workforce, leading to the creation of new jobs which, in turn, attract professionals and managers from all over Poland.


Report 2018

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Almost 500 directors of companies were asked to share their investment plans.

The Business Environment Overview made with the use of the Antal Investment Index showed that:


Antal Investment Index for Tricity region


of decision-makers consider Tri-City as a possible destination for regional expansion


is the attractiveness of the place to work, which was rated at 8.1 points in 10-degree scale, is what attract them most to the Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot


Number of higher education institutions in context of education opportunities understood as the supply of future employees

The most popular destinations for regional expansion investments: